Learn how Marriage Equality Impacts Maine Families

Gay and lesbian families are like all other families in Maine. They work hard; they pay their taxes; they volunteer; they love, nurture and protect their children; and they are a vital part of their communities. Gay and lesbian families are different in one important respect: they are faced with discrimination and prejudice in their daily lives from the State of Maine. Maine prohibits these couples from marrying.

In April 2009, the Center produced the report Honoring All Maine Families: Gay and Lesbian Partners and their Children and Parents Speak about Marriage for Maine legislators and residents. The report is based on interviews with 82 people. They live in nine Maine counties. They range from age 5 to 82. They include nurses, bankers, social workers, opticians, ministers, physicians, artists, psychologists, office assistants, lawyers, human resources managers, college professors, paralegals, teachers and principals, x-ray technicians, students and retirees. They all spoke with clarity and emotion about their families and the impact that Maine’s prohibition on marriage has on them, their children and their grandchildren.

The perspectives of these people tell us that the issue of marriage is not about homosexuals or heterosexuals. Rather, the issue is about people who love each other, their hopes and dreams for each other and their children, and the discriminatory impact of current Maine law. At its core this issue is about treating people in Maine with respect and equality.

To read the full report, download a copy here.