Training to provide participants in education, health care, non-profit organizations and government agencies with an understanding of the dynamics of bias, harassment and violence and practical strategies and skills for prevention and response.

  • Training law enforcement officers on investigation of and response to hate crimes
  • Training Police on Investigation and Response to Hate Crimes
  • Workshops to provide participants with skills to reduce conflict within organizations
  • Training-of-Trainers conferences to prepare participants to facilitate workshops

Education and Public Speaking

  • I pursue education on issues of preventing and responding to bias, harassment and hate crimes through:
  • keynote addresses and other public speaking
  • writing about these issues in magazines, journals and edited books
  • teaching semester long course at colleges and universities
  • guest teaching at colleges and universities

Conflict Resolution

  • I conduct conflict resolution dialogues both with students and adults on divisive and emotionally charged issues of religion, race and ethnicity, immigration and sexual orientation and gender identity.  Some of work takes place in places that have recently been or still are in conflict such as Northern Ireland and the Middle East.
  • I also conduct workshops for staff of schools, universities, NGOs and IGOs on addressing conflict within and without the organizations.


I conduct interview-based studies on issues of discrimination, harassment and violence and then follow-up with advocacy to increase prevention and response.