My work has taken me to 27 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, 2 Canadian Provinces, Northern Ireland, England, Poland, Kosovo, Romania, Kazakhstan, Israel and Egypt.  In the next several months I plan to work in Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Ukraine.  My work in both the United States and elsewhere focuses on four areas:  Training, Education and Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution and Advocacy.

LGBTQ Youth Safety

Assessing through an interview-based study the barriers faced by LGBTQ youth in Maine, followed by working with professional groups and businesses to reduce those barriers.

Homeless Civil Rights

Identifying bias, discrimination and violence directed at homeless people in Portland, Maine and working with community groups and the City to increase safety for those who are homeless.

Reducing Anti-Immigrant Bias

Facilitating workshops and conflict resolution dialogues with immigrants and American residents.

Healing Health Care

Providing health care professionals with strategies and skills to reduce bias.

Resolving Workplace Conflict and Bias

Assessing the climate and facilitating workshop provide skills to reduce conflict.