Honoring All Maine Families

In 2009, CPHV and EqualityMaine collaborated to provide Maine legislators and citizens with a report, Honoring All Maine Families, that summarized the Center’s interviews with over 80 gay and lesbian partners, their children, and parents across the state about why marriage is important to their families. Honoring-All-Maine-Families-2009.pdf

Discrimination Against GLBT in Maine

In 2005, the Center began an investigation of the extent and impact of anti-GLBT discrimination. By conducting confidential interviews across the state, the Center was able to collect disturbing evidence that Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals experience discrimination in employment, public accommodation, education, housing and credit. GLBT-discrimination-report-101805.pdf

Homeless and Hated

In 2004, CPHV began a project investigating harassment and hate motivated violence directed at Maine’s homeless population. With interviews of over 130 homeless men and women, in addition to 30 service providers, we were able to document this disturbing social problem and offer important policy recommendations to address it. HOMELESS-AND-HATED-Report-2005.pdf

Fractured American Dream

In November 2003, the Center released a report entitled The Fractured American Dream: The Destructive Impact of U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy on Muslim, Latino and Other Immigrants and Refugees Two Years After September 11th, 2001. The report documents incidents of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bias experienced by Maine residents in the years since September 11th, as well […]